Open Bike

11. November 2021 | von openbike | www
Ding des Monats

Hello citizen! Here you can find all the files and information you need to build your favourite OpenBike model.

This is not about bicycles!

Open your eyes, this is about you, about your attitude towards the future. Do you think that the pollution of the cities will disappear by itself? Do you think traffic jams are caused by others? Do you know how much free space a car occupies? Do you know the technologies available in your own city? How much energy is used to fabricate or repair a car, and a bicycle? What if instead of materials, we transported data? These, among others, are the questions we asked ourselves when we decided to create OpenBike.

If you think you can improve your environment, if you think you can contribute something positive to your city, if you believe in an active and nonconformist society, we would like to see how you get involved. We believe that the big changes start with you, so download, make, modify and share.


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