our goals

general public

By operating this homepage and with the brochure "Komm rein!" (view|order), we draw attention to the variety of workshop and their offers. We want to encourage people to diy/dit and offer users of open workshops added value, point out events and news and publish interesting articles on related topics. In addition, we focus on strengthening open workshops in a political sense. Together with our members, we want to show how important and necessary third places are for local economy and learning. Read our self-conception.

The newsletter

The newsletter is published about 4 times a year and contains a lot of information about current topics and events.

In the network

The network supports the individual member-projects through networking, exchange and advice. Annual network-meetings (link), mutual project visits and further training strengthen cohesion and promote the professionalism of the projects.




Since May 2012, the network has been organised through the association Verbund Offener Werkstätten e.V.. This legal entity has been founded to raise public awareness topic for do-it-yourself and do-it-together/open workshops and making/commons and commonly used infrastructure and other related topics. Here is an excerpt from the statutes:

§ 2 Purpose of the association

(1) In particular, the association promotes and supports projects in the fields of research, science education, including student aid, as well as art and culture, and international and international spirit, or carries them out.

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