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Summer School

28. May 2013 | von elisaveta | Berlin

Big times and Breaking news!

You surely noticed that during past year betahaus introduced a whole row of new education formats – workshops, experimentation sessions, weekend festivals. But now things are getting serious. We put together best minds we worked with and decided to open a Summer School. You have already graduated a university or two? Exactly right time to start you education!

This summer we are launching a multidisciplinary program of courses and workshops in order to introduce you, people to the latest design, tech and business inventions and empower cross disciplinarily implementation of this knowledge. From 3D printing, Jewelry and Product Design to Arduino, Social Medial marketing strategies – there´s more knowledge out there.

It’s not gonna be about lecture halls and exams, but about skills, practical experience, people and inspiration. We want to give people access to the network of experts and assist them in realizing their projects as successful as possible. We want to make it easier to get them into doing what the betahaus community already does: work and live the way they want.


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